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Company Information

  • Suppliers of wiper pads to many different customers for over twenty years
  • Proven track record - our customers trust our quality and delivery reliability

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Galvawipe pads - Features
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  • Made from high temperature materials
  • Waterproof outer coating
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Square edges
  • Designed to suit your application
Performance of Galvawipe pads
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  • Can be rotated in use to ensure longer life
  • Zinc coating is smooth and even
  • Variety of wiper pads on offer - tell us your problem and we’ll provide the wiper pad for your application

Our Customer Promise

“Supply anywhere in the world”

“Provide free samples”

“Generate quotes quickly”

“Can make any size wiper pad”

“Provide specific pads based on your application needs”

“Ensure quick delivery”